Making a house Your Home

Does your home tell your story?

In an era of mono-culture and waste, breathe soul into your home.

Through my work you can partake in a regenerative lifestyle.  In this way beauty may be created; not to nature’s costs but in harmony with it.


Be the vibrant change you wish to see in the world and connect.

What to do?

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Taking inspiration from the gallery or shop, tell me what you want.

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Working with you, I will produce a design.

I make your vision a reality.



My promise to you:

I am committed to using as much reclaimed and locally sourced materials as possible in my products.

The energy supply to my workshop is run from a renewable energy provider (I am aware the electricity that comes out of my socket is the same as anyone else’s but it is a market signal!)

I am driven to keep learning about and implementing methods which are in harmony with our environment.

I am committed to providing products with attention on quality and longevity, bringing your vision into reality.

Meet me