Hi, l’m Tian.

I have always loved to create from a young age, whether it was sketching temples when we visited family in Thailand or potting on my dad’s wheel. In more recent years I have developed a joy in working with wood and particularly with reclaimed materials. Starting small with some basic hand tools, I created a fruit bowl, tea box, pallet coat hangers, shelves and coffee tables. Working with wood is an incredible experience and what is so great is getting in there and revealing its natural beauty and then just getting out of the way.

Since making several pieces for our home and the interest these were generating in people, I realised that I wanted to create for others and share in the creative joy of upcycling. However, to enable me to do this, I needed a workshop! So nine months of hard work (fitted around a full time job) saw the completion of a workshop made from primarily reclaimed materials; the floor is pallet wood, the main beam is from a skip and the back door was my back gate.

My love for upcycling means I find myself scouring scrap metal yards, diving into skips and generally keeping my eyes out for any hidden treasures. Everything I make is strongly influenced by the reclaimed materials I can lay my hands on and I hope that my joy for this shines through. I aspire to express these forms in a modern way which remains true to their origins.