I am delighted to be creating from a workshop I built from the ground up using mainly reclaimed materials.

I have to give a huge shout out to my dad who, as a talented and ecologically conscious architect www.oneplanetarchitecture.one, helped me to design the workshop. Without him, the workshop wouldn’t be half the building it is today. Also, a big thank you to my friends for pitching in during “workshop building parties” in exchange for a drink, some food and time by a fire. And, of course, my wonderful wife who has been incredibly supportive in this whole venture.

Elements which were reclaimed include:

  • Main beam – joined timber from skip
  • From salvaged timber shed:
    • Rafters
    • External timber cladding
    • Insulation
    • Plywood for roof
  • Floor:
    • Structure composed of unwanted ceiling beams removed from a neighbour’s house
    • Finish – wood pallets
  • Rear of building:
    • Garage width double doors formed from the gate that was in the original fence, insulated, lined and hung
    • Clad with the timber fencing that had been removed to make way for the workshop
  • Secondhand PVC windows and doors

The building was designed bespoke to my situation. However, if you are interested in creating a similar building, there will be things that you can take and apply to your project. So I am sharing with you the architectural drawings for the build.

To download architectural drawings please click here.

The build…!